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Control access to your property with one of Aremco’s range of steel removable, telescopic, retractable security bollards or posts. There is a large range of bollards available, these offering a useful alternative to fencing in many instances, especially in industrial and warehouse installations where fencing would not offer the same level of physical protection. All our bollards are available for fast delivery.

Our British manufactured range of Security Bollards are available in a variety of styles and finishes and can be used as a visual deterrence, segregation, car security, demarcation, perimeter protection and anti ram. Any type of bollard can provide excellent additional security to any building or surrounding areas and will protect areas that are vulnerable to collision impacts. Security Bollards can also be used to control vehicle access and for the reservation of individual car parking spaces.

We understand the importance of bollard installation. However, whether they’re needed for perimeter protection, or effective separation for pedestrians and vehicles, bollards need not compromise aesthetics. You can be confident that our range of Security Bollards will help provide security to any building or open area, and not detract from the overall look of the space.

Our Telescopic Mole Post as proven extremely popular over the last 6 months or so, due to the number of vehicles being stolen in and around the area. These come with detailed installation instructions, and should the inner piece (part above ground) get damaged, then only this needs replacing, therefore removing the need to completely excavate the unit.

Bollards an Excellent Visible Deterrent

Whether the landscape will benefit from traditional or modern design, many of our bollards can be co-ordinated with other street furniture. For locations that are vulnerable to collision impacts or might need increased perimeter protect, we offer anti ram telescopic bollard.

Folding Bollards and Much More

The type of security bollards we offer are, telescopic, retractable, removable, ram raid, arm barriers, parking posts, hoop barriers, access control bollards, fixed bollards and those fold down with a collapsible action. We don’t sell the rising automated ones though, these adding a much higher level of complexity and cost, which most of our customers don’t need or want.

In all cases the height of the bollard provides the necessary level of protection. All our bollards are manufactured from steel and have a powder coated finish. The majority of the bollards can be manufactured from a more heavy duty material.

We understand that you may have bespoke bollard requirements so our bollards can be personalised with optional features such as reflective strips and eyebolts. As a street furniture supplier, we can also offer a range of complimentary products such as crash barriers or gates.

Bollards are a great security measure for businesses and homes. Whether they are used to prevent the impact of a collision or secure vehicles from being stolen. A durable heavy duty steel bollard is a fantastic deterrent.

More and more home owners are deciding to secure their house / property by fitting fixed or telescopic bollards. These security systems can be installed at the end of driveways or outside garage doors to stop potential thieves.

For large open areas such as car parks, forecourts or precincts with pedestrian only access, can be a great security option, especially when used in conjunction with warning signs. Bollards can be permanent, removable or even telescopic and secure the area very effectively from vehicles while looking open and friendly to customers on foot. All of our folding bollards come with locking covers so that the unit is safe when retracted.

There are many different styles of bollard available so that you can increase the security of your business without compromising on the aesthetic appeal. Bollards will allow you to control vehicle access protecting your site – important on sites that could be vulnerable to threat from organised crime. The bollards supplied are not automated in any way, but are very easy to operate, locks being provided as necessary.

Bollards can be used either to control traffic intake size by limiting movements, or to control traffic speed by narrowing the available space.

Permanent bollards intended for traffic-control purposes may be mounted near enough to each other that they block ordinary cars, for instance, but spaced widely enough to permit special purpose vehicles and bicycles to pass through. Bollards may also be used to enclose car free zones.

Bollards and other street furniture are used to control overspill parking onto pavements and verges.

Anti Ram Bollards can be installed in front of shop doorways or windows to deter ram raiders.

Bollards are used throughout heavy industry and in commercial building management to protect assets. They usually consist of a simple steel post either bolted to concrete or installed into a hard surface.

The bollards can protect utilities, electronics, machinery, buildings or pedestrians from accidental collisions by vehicles, including passenger vehicles and fork lifts.

Bollards are widely used to contribute to safety and security.

Traffic access control is becoming more and more important in everyday security with our products designed to protect vehicles in a safe and secure environment.

Retractable / Telescopic Security Bollards or Posts

These can be either telescopic or removable and are used as a means of security to restrict access for a variety of applications, garage forecourts, private driveways and car parks, whilst still allowing pedestrian access.

They are manufactured from mild steel. Telescopic or removable bollards can also be used in front of roller shutter doors and domestic applications, thus deterring any would be thieves. They easily drop down into the ground when not in use and are manually raised into its protecting position.

Telescopic Posts provide a durable, robust means of access control, and are lockable by means of a padlock. Removable Bollards can also be used to prevent unauthorised entry of vehicles and restrict access to private driveways, forecourts, car parks, town centres, supermarkets and garages, but still give pedestrian access. The bollards are heavy duty and locate into a socket embedded into concrete and are low maintenance, they are lockable by means of a padlock..

The Anti Ram Raid Bollard is designed to stop a vehicle in its tracks and can be used in situations where extra security is required such as in front of store fronts, shops, cash machines and retail parks. The Telescopic Posts are galvanised making the finish longer lasting. The Removable Bollards are powder coated finish, with a plated socket and are locked at the base by means of a padlock.

Collapsible Security Parking Posts

These are either galvanised or powder coated. The galvanised version of the collapsible security parking post is padlocked at the bottom, the post itself is manufactured from steel and is galvanised finish, the base itself is manufactured from aluminium and is powder coated black, and is bolted to concrete by means of 3 security bolts.

The small Key Operated collapsible security parking post is locked at the top by means of an Integral British manufactured lock, this post can also be locked in the upright and collapsed position and is bolted to concrete by means of 3 security bolts. They are manufactured from mild steel and the post itself is powder coated, and the base is manufactured again from aluminium and then powder coated black.

The heavy duty version of the Key Operated collapsible security parking post, is completely manufactured from mild steel and then powder coated. The galvanised collapsible security post and the small key operated collapsible security post can be used for securing private driveways, car parking spaces or other similar locations where a non-removable post is required to allow access, and are ideal for domestic situations.

They can also be used as a visual deterrent to restrict access into private or commercial driveways. They heavy duty version of the Key Operated Collapsible security post can also be used as either a visual deterrent or for security access to certain areas.

The square collapsible security post is manufactured from mild steel and the complete unit is powder coated, again these can be used in exactly the same way as the small Key Operated collapsible security post and the galvanised collapsible security post. The square collapsible security post is bolted to concrete by means of 4 security bolts and is padlocked at the bottom.

Removable Security Bollards or Posts

Removable Parking Posts or Bollards, known as lift out bollards, offer heavy duty yet removable security option. Equipped with two orange reflectors and a white band for high visibility. The larger of these posts has two handles to help with removable and fitting.

The posts come complete with a socket designed to be excavated into the ground and come complete with a padlock.The excavated part is fitted with a dual purpose flap to prevent water build-up when the removable post is not fitted and to secure the post when it is.

These Removable Security Bollards are manufactured from square hollow section, which makes them lightweight and easier to move, and they come in three different sizes. These can be used to prevent un-authorised entry of vehicles and restrict access to private driveways, forecourts, car parks, town centers, supermarkets and garages, but still give pedestrians access.

These bollards are much more ascetically pleasing than cones and are heavy duty, locating into a socket embedded into concrete and are low maintenance. These removable bollards can also be manufactured as built in versions or even floor mounted.

Please do contact us for advice and information on these bollards, this of course being on a no obligation basis.

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