Improve Security With Car Park Barriers

Improve Your Security with Car Park Barriers

If you own or manage a car park, one of your biggest worries is how to keep it secure. Your customers, whether they are paying to park or not, will want to feel safe parking on your premises. But thankfully there is a wide range of products, from warning signs and bollards to car park barriers, which can help you to do this efficiently and economically.

Folding Posts

Aremco can provide you with a large British Manufactured variety of parking and driveway barriers, including a choice of collapsible posts, fold-down posts (we don’t do retractable version as they are not as cost effective), removable posts, ram raid posts, telescopic posts and bollards which offer excellent security in many different situations.

Our wide range of parking solutions also includes an impressive list of car park gates and barriers, manual barriers, crash barriers and height barriers, all manufactured to the highest possible standards and available for both domestic, commercial and industrial use.

Bollards and Street Furniture

One of the most common ways of maintaining security in many areas, including car parks, is through the use of parking bollards. We can provide you with a quality British Manufactured range of strong yet attractive bollards, some of which are made from 100% recycled materials - so they are good for the planet as well as your peace of mind.

One good way to provide added security in car parks is through the use of height restriction barriers. Such a barrier restricts the size of vehicles which are allowed into certain areas - for example, refusing entry to lorries and heavy-duty vehicles, whilst allowing access to smaller vehicles, like motorcycles and pedestrians.

Manufactured to your own specifications to fit the space you need, a height restriction barrier can be supplied in separate sections to be fitted together on-site, and it can be concreted into place.

Fixed Height and Swinging Barriers

They come in different types, including fixed height and locking swinging barriers. The barrier is locked into place using a sliding shootbolt and comes complete with a padlock. They are offered as standard in yellow and black but can be made in other colours should you wish. You can even get ones which will allow access to emergency vehicles should the need arise.

Another excellent way of providing extra security for your car park is through installing manual or swinging gate barriers. These Quality British Manufactured Barriers come in a range of different styles and, as with all our car park security features, can be adapted for your needs.

The manual rising arm barrier offers a low-maintenance, cost-effective way of manually controlling access to unauthorised areas. It allows you to control the flow of traffic both into and out of the car park, enabling better traffic flow and control.

Warning Signs for Added Car Park Security

Constructed from high-quality steel and having a counterbalanced arm which is supported by weights, these barriers come in various attractive and eye-catching colours and can be provided with a 'no entry' sign to help traffic control even further.

As these types of barrier can be vulnerable to becoming the victim of vehicle ram raid, it is recommended that they are used in conjunction with another means of security, such as bollards or gates, with cctv cameras / video also being a useful option according to the Police.

In addition to standard bollards, we also provide a range of telescopic anti-ram-raid posts which will help you provide the highest level of security for your car park. The extremely strong telescopic post is a proven deterrent against vehicle theft and ram attack. Approved by both police and local government authorities, they are recommended by insurance companies as a means of protecting your clients’ property.

Quality British Manufactured Swinging gate barriers are another simple but effective way of controlling traffic into and out of your car park. Suitable for most situations where access needs to be restricted, swinging gate barriers are a practical alternative to using posts and bollards. Speed ramps should also be considered if you want to reduce the speed of vehicles in the car park.

Ideal for places where a fully automated barrier or gate entry system is either not necessary or cost-effective, they can be used in any location where there is a need to manage vehicle entry, such as car parks, schools, hospitals, housing estates, garages and businesses.

Again, these types of barriers are available in a range of colours and specifications, are made from steel and come with strengthening struts. The gate swings 90 degrees in either direction, enabling cars to pass through with ease while allowing you a certain amount of security.

Sometimes you may need to restrict or reserve access to certain parking spaces. In these situations it may be necessary to use one of our range of adaptable posts. Available in a large variety to suit most pockets and uses, they include key-operated posts, padlock posts, fold-down posts for ease of access and removable posts.

These latter ones come in a range of attractive styles and, as the name suggests, are easily removable in order to provide adaptable areas of parking to suit different situations. For example, if you sometimes need to make a portion of your car park inaccessible - say in seasons of the year when spaces are not required, due to there being fewer clients needing parking - then they are ideal for portioning off an area.

Whatever your size of car park - whether it’s a small area at the back of a pub or a large plot used by hundreds of clients a day - you need to take security seriously if you want to keep customers satisfied that their cars are kept safe at all times.

Aremco can help you secure your car park to the highest standards. Just have a look around this website to see how our wide range of products can be adapted to suit your needs, then when you are ready, please contact a member of our experienced team, we are waiting for your call.

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