Driveway Security Posts

Securing Your Property Using Driveway Security Posts

Whether it’s a commercial property or a domestic location, securing your driveway or forecourt to prevent unauthorised access and to guard against parked vehicle theft, or unwanted car parking is a common concern. One of the most popular and convenient ways of doing this is by installing driveway security posts (warning signs on their own simply not supplying the required protection).

Street Furniture With a Purpose

These key operated posts fold down flat easily to allow for access, but when upright provide a visual deterrent to keep out unwanted vehicles or deter attempted theft of vehicles which are legitimately parked. If you have expensive vehicles parked at your property, they are a tempting target for thieves. Security posts are an effective, low-cost way of deterring theft while still permitting easy access for legitimate users. They won’t be suitable for all applications, as they only fold down rather than allowing for complete removal. However, as a low-cost solution for homes or small businesses, they are an option that’s worth considering.

Driveway Bollards

If you need a heavier-duty or smarter-looking solution, then using Driveway Bollards may be the answer. These are removable to provide access but can be securely locked into a ground socket using a padlock when required. Because the socket is flush when removed, it doesn’t present a hazard to pedestrians so is ideal for areas where constant access is required. The socket flap can be locked closed after the bollard is removed, keeping it clear of dirt and debris. They come in different styles, so whether you want something with a classic look that won’t look out of place outside a period building or a more modern design, you’ll find something to suit your needs. Bollards can be supplied with handles fitted for ease of fitting and removal, and also to allow for multiple units to be linked together using a chain to provide a more effective visual barrier over a wide opening such as a forecourt or courtyard.

For areas like private car parks or business forecourts that need easy access but also have to be guarded against unauthorised use, Driveway Barriers can offer a useful solution. A manual rising arm barrier offers a visual deterrent to casual entry but can be easily swung out of the way to allow entry and exit as needed. Barriers are manufactured in steel for strength and a long life. They can be easily raised and lowered by one person to provide access when needed but can also be locked in the down or raised position for out-of-hours situations. Barriers are made to order, and a single pole can span openings up to six metres in width. This type of barrier is good for controlling access on a day-to-day basis when the amount of traffic doesn’t warrant an automated system. A barrier also offers a low-cost solution with minimal visual intrusion. However, it's less effective than other solutions as a security measure, so if you’re concerned about preventing vehicle theft, you’ll need to look for something stronger.

Driveway Gate Posts

For a more robust and visible access deterrent than a simple hinged rising barrier, Driveway Gate Posts combined with a swinging gate can be a good alternative solution. These are ideal for situations where access is only needed occasionally or where it only needs to be restricted at specific times, such as outside working hours or at weekends. Gates are made of steel for solidity and long life and can be supplied with steel latch posts, allowing them to be locked in the closed or open position using a padlock. This type of barrier is ideal for locations requiring only limited access where an automated gate entry system would be overkill. They’re also a good choice for entries that are normally kept closed but need to be opened occasionally to allow for things like deliveries and maintenance work. Gates can cover a wider opening than a rising barrier too, with widths up to seven metres available for a single gate.

Advanced Protection For Your Driveway

For individual driveways, parking spaces or narrow entrances, security posts remain a popular and practical solution. Various types are available, from the fold-down type to telescopic posts that drop down vertically into the ground to provide access. There are also Removable Security Posts (also useful for industrial usage), which offer a strong deterrent when installed but can be easily removed to allow for access when required. Strategically located, these offer a strong, cost-effective deterrent whether you want to stop access or guard against vehicle theft. These posts are solidly constructed and can be locked in place to prevent unauthorised removal, and flush covers over the socket mean that there is no trip hazard presented once they’re removed. Removable posts offer an effective solution where access is only required occasionally, as they provide a strong and effective barrier but can easily be taken out as required to allow access for maintenance or service vehicles.

Advice From The Accredited Specialists

Whether you need to secure a driveway, forecourt or car park or to prevent people from driving over lawns or other non-traffic areas, there are a variety of different options available. Whether you want to bar access on a semi-permanent basis or allow authorised vehicles in and out when needed, there are suitable options on offer. These provide ease of access when it is required but a good balance of security and visual deterrence when it isn’t. Whatever your access requirements or budget limitations, you should be able to find a driveway solution to suit your needs at a price that you can afford.

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