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This simple but effective (robust) swinging gate barrier is suitable for most access restriction situations and is a practical alternative to using folding Bollards & Posts.

It is ideal for locations or situations where a fully automated barrier or gate entry system is either not necessary or cost effective. 

This product can be used in any location where there is a need to manage vehicle entry. It is perfect for use at schools, medical facilities, residential areas, parking garages, parking lots, and businesses.

This is available in many colours, manufactured from mild steel square hollow section construction throughout and is based upon a rigid triangular form, complete with strengthening struts. 

The gate swings on a square sleeve (90 degrees in either direction), mounted on strong adjustable hinges for ease of movement and fitting.

* Maximum width available is 6 metres for a single span, anything wider than this we recommend the use of two individual gates with a central removable latch post

* Two gates can be locked centrally by use of a removable latch post (for larger spans) - Price on Application

* Recommended height of top beam above ground 1100mm

* Gates are supplied with 1 Latch Post, an additional latch post can be ordered for locking the gate in the open position (Price on Application), or alternatively, we can also a wall mounted latch (Price on Application).

* The gates are locked by padlock (not supplied)

* For Casting in to concrete

* No Entry sign available at extra cost

Upto 3.5M - prices are charged at 3M

From 3.5M to 4.5M - prices are charged at 4M 

From 4.5M to 5.5M - prices are charged at 5M

From 5.5M to 6M - prices are charged at 6M 

Our gates are measured from the outside of the hanging post to the outside of the latch post.

***As a safety feature, we strongly recommend that you purchase and install an additional latch post for a single leaf gate, or 2 additional latch posts for a double leaf gate, so that you can securely lock the gate in its open position, to prevent the gate leaf or gate leaves swinging back into vehicles or pedestrians.**

Length - 3m, 4, 5, 6 & 7

Height Above Ground - 1100mm

Depth Below Ground - 600mm

Gate size - 50x50mm Square Section 

Post size - 80x80mm Square section

Additional Latchpost - 500mm Below ground

Material - Mild Steel


Finish - Powder Coated only - Colours optional at no extra cost, please state this along with RAL number in additional comments.

Banding on Gate supplied at no extra cost.

No Entry Sign available at extra cost.

from: £520.00 + VAT
(£624.00 inc VAT)

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Please select the required order quantity from the drop down lists – when ready add the items to your order with the ‘Add’ button.

Available Option(s): Item Code: Price:
UPTO 3.5M (SG - 3M TO 3.5M)  £520.00 + VAT
(£624.00 inc VAT)
FROM 3.5M TO 4.5M (SG - 3.5M TO 4.5M)  £570.00 + VAT
(£684.00 inc VAT)
FROM 4.5M TO 5.5M (SG - 4.5M TO 5.5M)  £600.00 + VAT
(£720.00 inc VAT)
FROM 5.5M TO 6M (SG - 5.5M TO 6M)  £630.00 + VAT
(£756.00 inc VAT)

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